Saturday, September 30, 2006

Feeling Linked Out of LinkedIn ...

Another lovely day at the office and my favorite social/academic/projects network is down with a funny wizard informing me of my patience levels....

Not very surprising really, for the past two weeks, LinkedIn has been giving me a tad bit of shoddy service in terms of number of http requests, db connections timing out and pages taking like ages to load. Kinda' expected really after LinkedIn's major new services roll-out during the last week of August... techie glitches says the business development manager, but is it really? Noooo! More like DB design flaws, pressure to speed up techie backend mods by the Business Development folks, just because they wanna' cave in to advert subscription orders and not miss a month of revenue.

Me, i prefer to wait for a service to work fine instead of having it hiccup every 5 minutes or so. Now that, IMFO (In My Fuckwit Opinion) is value for money! ;-) Now... back to waiting for LinkedIn and poking fun at BlogStreet India and their hilarious techniqies of crawling popular blogs.. bleh :P

Thursday, September 28, 2006

PutVote Quick Search Firefox Plugin

well.. well... apart from bitching about lack of posting guidelines @ putvote.. i tweaked out a put vote quick search plugin for FireFox. :)

Click the putvote button to install the plugin into your browser.. then relaunch your ff windows :) and you could quick search putvote :P

Update 1: Apparently the plugin works somewhat but not totally.. not my fault.. the folks over at CrispyNews.. which is somehow powering PutVote, don't have an index.php or a search page up as yet... that pisses me off! where's the ooze in you? humdigg still wins now.. looks like it..

Update 2: i've figured out that powers the crawling on putvote.. that sucks honestly... would've thought they're both tied into the same domain.. anyways.. i updated the plugin on mozdev to take the search url as ... since it seems to be semi-working.. i think ive done the ground work and ill allow Kingsley and the folks to take it from there if they're interested... all the poking and pissing about has given me a great idea.. more caffeine and wrigleys for now :P